Ahmet R. Karaca, MD

Ahmet R. Karaca, MD

What To Expect After Plastic Surgery

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Once you schedule your plastic surgery, you will probably want to know what to expect afterwards. How long is the healing process? Is there anything you can do to assist with the process? Different surgeries have different effects, but there are a number of common things you can expect to experience. This quick guide will walk you through what to expect after plastic surgery so you can be fully prepared for your procedure.


After your plastic surgery is finished, you will feel tired and most likely feel like resting up. This is completely normal, and you should rest as much as possible. Because of this, you should plan ahead to have someone drive you home after your procedure. You can also expect limited mobility while healing. Try to limit physical activities during the healing process.

Pain Management

Experiencing pain and discomfort after plastic surgery is normal. Swelling and bruising is also common. Your plastic surgeon will prescribe medication to manage these symptoms. Make sure not to take your prescribed medication on an empty stomach, as it can cause nausea. You should also change your bandages when needed and let your surgeon know if you notice any sign of infection.

Recovery Time

Ultimately, you should expect around one month to feel back to normal or close to it depending on the surgery. The first two weeks will be the time when you experience the most symptoms. However, each individual is unique and their healing process is as well. The most important thing to do after plastic surgery is resting as much as possible, managing discomfort, and alerting your surgeon of any changes you notice.

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