Ahmet R. Karaca, MD

Ahmet R. Karaca, MD


The Secret to Feeling Like Your 25-Year-Old Self Again

As we age, long-term damage to our skin becomes more apparent. The effects of sun exposure, harsh weather, a poor diet, or vices like smoking can take a toll on our appearance over time. If you’ve developed sun spots, acne scars, wrinkles or other flaws, it will negatively impact your self-esteem. Maybe you put on layers of makeup or feel embarrassed having your photo taken. But it’s time to reclaim your confidence and embrace your natural, beautiful self. 

It’s possible to heal skin cells and undo damage to the skin. BroadBand Light therapy is a noninvasive procedure that uses light energy to reverse visible signs of aging. This advanced technology delivers light power into the deeper layers of the skin, which stimulates cell regeneration.

What are the benefits?

Dermatologists use this gentle, non-invasive procedure to treat a variety of skin conditions and imperfections:

  • Rosacea, spider veins, and acne
  • Sun damage, fine lines, and wrinkles
  • Uneven skin tone and texture

Patients will see a drastic improvement in skin conditions, as BroadBand Light encourages new collagen production and regenerates skin cells. Treatments can help prevent breakouts as the heat kills acne-causing bacteria.

After Care

BroadBand Light procedures have no significant downtime, with patients able to resume their daily activities uninterrupted after their appointment. The side effects are minimal, and you may experience redness or warmth similar to a sunburn for up to a few days. It is recommended that you avoid exfoliants, topical acne treatments, and scented skincare products after treatment. The medical practitioner administrating your BroadBand procedure will recommend how many treatments you need based on your current skin type, skin condition, and desired results.

BroadBand Light Treatments in Detroit

It’s exhausting and expensive to try out hundreds of drugstore products to conceal skin imperfections. BroadBand Light therapy is a safe and effective treatment that can help you achieve a refreshed, younger-looking complexion. Dr. Karaca is the most respected plastic surgeon in Detroit, highly trained in the art of skin rejuvenation. You can trust Dr. Karaca to listen to your concerns and work with you to find the skin treatment that’s a perfect fit.

Aesthetika Nova is dedicated to providing each patient with the best options available suited to their individual needs. Dr. Karaca is a board-certified surgeon with extensive knowledge and experience. He always strives for a look that is natural and a true enhancement of your beauty. To help you decide if Dr. Karaca is the right surgeon for you, schedule a consultation with us.