Facelifts are the ideal treatment for improving sagging cheeks and a flabby, blunted jaw and neckline. They are among the most common and popular cosmetic surgery procedures performed today largely because they can make such a significant difference to your facial appearance. Modern day techniques and state-of-the-art technologies allow for the creation of a smoother, more natural look. The basic principle behind all limited and standard facelift surgery today is to re-drape the underlying facial muscle fascia and skin. It also involves tightening the neck’s platysma muscles and/or using liposuction to treat the submental or under chin region. Typically, the results last about 10 years and will be the only such operation most patients require in their lifetime.

  • Before-Set 1
    After-Set 1
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    After-Set 2
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    After-Set 3
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All the images shown on this page are of actual facelift patients. We want you to have a realistic idea as to what liposuction can provide, which is why none of these photographs have been altered in any way. Take a look at these photographs to get a better idea as to what you might expect from surgery, but keep in mind that every patient will achieve different results.