Ahmet R. Karaca, MD

Ahmet R. Karaca, MD

Fat Transfer and Injections in Detroit, MI

State-of-the-art injectable fat transfers use your body’s own fat cells to fill and correct creases, folds, lines, wrinkles and the other natural signs of aging. Birmingham Plastic Surgery, led by board-certified plastic surgeon Ahmet R. Karaca, M.D., offers fat transfer injections for men and women who live in and around Detroit, Farmington Hills and the surrounding communities of Michigan.

What Are Fat Transfer Injections?

Micro-lipo injections, or fat transfer injections, take your own fat cells and relocate them to areas of the face. The injections add fullness, correct lines, and wrinkles, and can be used to enhance facial contours. Safely treat your lips, cheeks and other fine lines and wrinkles with fat transfer injections.

Benefits of Fat Transfer Injections

Fat transfer injections have been rapidly gaining popularity because they are natural and use your own cells and are proven safe and effective. Enjoy the many benefits of fat transfer injections:

Who Is a Good Candidate for Fat Transfer Injections?

If you’re looking to improve the surface of your skin without the hassle and pain of plastic surgery, fat transfer injections may be a great option for you. Dr. Karaca especially recommends the procedure for younger patients. Fat transfer injection can treat:

How Should I Prepare For Fat Transfer Injections?

Minimal preparation is necessary for fat transfer injections due to the low risk associated with treatment. It’s important to let Dr. Karaca know of any past injections and of any medications you may be on, especially blood thinners (including aspirin), allergy medications, sleep aids, NSAIDS and muscle relaxers.

How Are Fat Transfer Injections Administered?

Achieve your desired look in three easy steps:

  1. Cells are collected from a designated area of the body (usually abdomen, buttocks, and thighs). Clients may see some improvement to the contour of the harvest areas.
  2. Fat cells are isolated from other tissue.
  3. Isolated fat cells are then injected into the designated treatment area with a very fine point needle. Each injection is carefully located to precisely enhance the area and achieve maximum results.

Sedative or local anesthesia may be offered to ensure maximum comfort during fat transfer procedure. Patients can expect immediate results, but follow-up may be necessary for about 50 percent of patients as the body can absorb transplanted fat.

How Much Do Fat Transfer Injections Cost In Detroit?

Fillers and fat transfer injections are usually considered elective cosmetic procedures and therefore are unlikely to be covered by your health insurance provider. To ensure affordability, Dr. Karaca and Birmingham Plastic Surgery offer financing options. For your convenience, cash, personal checks, and all major credit cards are also accepted.

If you are seeking fat transfer injections, board-certified plastic surgeon Ahmet R. Karaca, M.D., provides safe, effective, fat transfer injections for interested patients in and around Detroit, Farmington Hills and the surrounding communities of Michigan. Contact Birmingham Plastic Surgery to schedule your consultation today.