Ahmet R. Karaca, MD

Ahmet R. Karaca, MD

The safe and tried procedure of breast reduction, known medically as a mammoplasty, involves the permanent reduction in the size of one or both breasts. Although this procedure will reduce the size of your breasts, it cannot erase the changes that come along with being pregnant or due to the aging process, both of which can lead to a loss of firmness and vitality. It is also worth noting that, in some cases, a mammoplasty can stimulate the re-growth of breast tissue. Dr. Karaca and his team are dedicated to helping women with cumbersome breasts achieve relief via a mammoplasty, including a boost in self-confidence. Oversized breasts can lead to a number of uncomfortable symptoms, including neck pain, back discomfort, rashes and infections in the skin area under the breast, and damage to the shoulders caused by bra straps. A mammoplasty works by reducing not just the size of the breasts but also the total weight and volume. During the procedure, the breasts are then reshaped to give them a more youthful and upright appearance. In many cases, medical insurance can cover all or part of the costs of the mammoplasty.

  • Before-Breast Reduction Surgery
    After-Breast Reduction Surgery
    BeforeBreast Reduction SurgeryAfter
  • Before-Breast Reduction Case 2
    After-Breast Reduction Case 2
    BeforeBreast Reduction Case 2After
  • Before-Breast Reduction Lollipop Technique
    After-Breast Reduction Lollipop Technique
    BeforeBreast Reduction Lollipop TechniqueAfter
  • Before-Breast Reduction Lollipop Technique 2
    After-Breast Reduction Lollipop Technique 2
    BeforeBreast Reduction Lollipop Technique 2After

All the images shown on this page are of actual breast reduction patients. We want you to have a realistic idea as to what liposuction can provide, which is why none of these photographs have been altered in any way. Take a look at these photographs to get a better idea as to what you might expect from surgery, but keep in mind that every patient will achieve different results.

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